Eric J Heller Photography

Before I started the work leading to the Eric J Heller Gallery (science based art, see I became passionate about photography, especially of the American Southwest. These are some of the images - mostly 35mm Kodachrome originally.
Ysidro 2 Head of Tannor Trail, Grand Canyon Avalanche Lillies Atomspheric Grand  Canyon
badlands IInew2 Canyon de Chelly I Bug and  two flowers Church, San Ysidro, NM
caterpillar1 Colorado winter Cross Mill Iron  Ranch, Wyo Dropets, North Cascades
crowheart butte Grand Canyon Trail Grand Canyon IV Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Great Sand Dunes Intermittent creek, Grannd Canyon Mist, Santa Monica Mountains Mist, Santa Monica Mountains, CA
The Brothers, Hood Canal, Washington Storm, GC copy Wyoming VII Natural Escher, Badlands S.
Canyon deChelly Winter Cattle, Colorado, US 285 Utah banded rocks Atomspheric GC DxO
Church, San Ysidro, NM DxO Dunes and Sky, Grreat Sand Dunes Factory Butte, Utah Garibaldi Park, BC
Great Sand Dunes, Colorado copy Mist, Santa Monica Mountain Monarch Butterfly NM 23
Racetrack Playa, Death Valley Rain, Wind River Range Rainbow,Grand Canyon   I red and green
Road to Jemez Springs Road to Chama Santa Monica Mountain sunset Sangre de Christo I
San Ysidro Curch III Sangre de Christo dusk WyomIng desolate shooting stars, Sierra Nevada
SanYsidro II Sierra cliff Sierra Nevada Lake SMM sun
Straits of Gerogia, BC snowball on ice shell Wind River I
Valley, Wind River range wet slopes, Grand Canyon Wyoming badlands Wind River II
Wyoming rain jewel4 NM Moon narrow snow2
Cross Mill Iron sky resivoir horizon
Tofino Wyoming Air moss GC abstract wall
Braided DSC 0032 Cross Mill Iron I GC green
GC NM 23 california horse Badlands After Dusk
Blue Mountain after the fire, Santa Monica Mountains GC at colorado Dusk, Grand Canyon
glacier slick jewel4 Ladybug3 glacial
Palouse Hills dust devil2 Great GC shiprock Shells of grass
Tonto Platform Tannor 12 Tannortrail IIa DxO Hoh valley
NM 23 DxO Shiprock, NM california horse DxO sailboat
wind river2 DxO KualaLumpur fromWestin Wing at dawn pots
Winter-Charles River Glacial Polish, Sierra Nevada III CommunicationTowerKualaLumpur NoStep2 1
window DSC_0051.JPG DSC_0001.JPG Roll 3 - 982
Roll 3 - 981 DSC_0037.JPG shell Anaconda
Dappled DSC_0065.JPG Sierra lake - sky evening dune.riogrande
Torrey Pines